Subcarpati OGs

A PFP collection of 10.000 randomly generated NFTs, that connect digital value to real world value, minted on the Elrond network.
SOLD OUT in 45 minutes.
You can buy an OG on the secondary market and become a member of our community.


A community with shared values and ideals

We dig deep back into the past until we find the foundations of culture, we discover sublime creations, we discover keepers, we gather, we go back to the future and we pass on to the present what we have inherited and what we have learned throughout this journey. From one human to another, just like a sort of natural circuit of common sense.
That's the way we get things done.

Holder Benefits

We will reward our NFT community with perks and benefits plus extra NFT drops for our holders, and we're looking to build further:
owners of the NFTs are invited to join us in the construction phases of the future Subcarpati Cultural Center for tradition promotion.
The collection aims to coagulate our community and support the making of this physical-digital space.

Our OGs will have exclusive access to events and creations that will come to life in the heart of our cultural centre.

Elrond Mark White

Elrond Partnership

At the end of 2021, we established a partnership with Elrond Network, a collaboration that springs naturally from shared visions and common values.

A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy.

We have several development trajectories in common, that will support the development of a truly innovative project, designed for the community and developed though out the community's support.

Subcarpati Cultural Center

We set out to weave our dreams and story threads into a physical cultural centre, doubled by a digital “home”, where people who share our experiences and vision can find and rediscover, with each new visit, the true value behind the creations of our ancestors and contemporary artists inspired by the culture of the past.

We intent to pass on our "craft" to the younger generations, as we believe the tradition, cultural and multi-ethnic diversity of our lands and the enormous cultural background we stand on, passed through the filters of the present, can help us develop a brighter future.

From one human to another

Folklore music, costumes, traditional dances, local traditions, customs, folklore – they used to organize the simple countryside life and coagulated what invariably became a community guided by shared principles, values, and ideals and also a need for belonging, closeness, security and collaboration, which made people work, build and thus evolve together.

Local folklore can find purpose in the present day. Origins define our identity and guide us to understand where we come from, who we are and what we can further become. From one human to another - just like a natural ”circuit” of our common sense.

Online community

We've started a Discord Channel in mid December 2021, and the reaction has been amazing.

We're already at 3400 members at the time of this writing, with huge support from the community and people from within this community already assuming moderator and guidance roles.

Stop by to find out more and stay in touch with all of our latest announcements. We've started a weekly radio broadcast exclusive for the community.

Also make sure to check out our YT channel or stop by to say hi on IG or FB.

Meet our gang

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Holder Benefits

Over the course of 2022, we will send out 3 airdrops.
We want to reward our most loyal holders by airdropping 3 NFTs on 3 different dates. All Subcarpati OGs that have never been listed on a marketplace will be eligible.

A part of royalties will be coming back to the community

Compete to earn EGLD. Prizes will be 30% of royalties.

Step into the OG Room – a special room in the Cultural Center that can only be accesed via – NFT. You’ll have to step inside to find out more!

Discount on all future launches.

A wide range of unique experiences that you will be privately sharing with the band. Details coming soon.

A special yearly concert exclusive for our OG Holders.

Weekly draws for a chance to meet the band. Ride with them on the tourbus, hang with them backstage, visit them in the studio or at rehearsal, feel the thrill of stepping on stage and many more experiences.

Exclusive Merchandise featuring your own Subcarpati OG NFT. Something really cool is on the way, stay tuned!

Join the Community and find out first about all future projects.


Q4 2021

-- Establish the idea and concept of Subcarpati NFT SERIES

-- NFT asset design and testing

-- Open Discord and start our new journey

-- First target of 1000 members

-- Giveaway Week: 19 - 25 December: rewarding our first members

-- Building partnership with Elrond

-- Building our website

Q1 2022

-- The start of our marketing campaign

-- Launching our livestreaming program

-- Song release - our new single on major Radio stations

-- Official video release

-- Unveiling our 10k collection

-- Website launch

-- Announcing our Holder Benefits

-- 5K members target

-- Launching our crypto education program :

-- Introduce and assist fans to the Elrond network. Get people ready for the mint.Instructional Videos, Discord Rooms Tutorials and Convos.

-- 14 of February - Launch Day

-- Shilling and Contests

Q2 2022

-- Starting to partener up with other ENFT projects

-- Opening our Holders Only dedicated room in Discord

-- Growing our team - adding few new members on key positions to help our growth

-- 1st of June - 1st holiday airdrop

-- Website expansion (explorer, ranker)

-- Starting the process of establishing a Cultural center for folklore and traditions

-- More info and updates on the Subcarpati Cultural Center project

-- Subcarpati OG Merch - your mask, our labels

Q3 - Q4 2022

-- Airdrop 2

-- Battle Mode mini-game Launch. Weekly/Monthly tournaments with rewards

-- Going forward with CC while constantly updating our community

-- Community Involvement: Feedback and Polls on future releases

-- Grow the community, further development: improvements and functionality

-- Airdrop 3


There will be 10.000 Subcarpati OGs NFTs:
9960 Subcarpati OGs NFTs will be available for mint and
40 OGs will go towards Promotions (35) and Discord Mods(5).

The band and team will not be keeping any NFTs, we will be minting alongside everyone else on launch day.

The launch date aka mint day is: February 14th:

22:00 – Romania tIme
20:00 – UTC

The price of a Subcarpati OG NFT is 1EGLD

You can mint a Subcarpati OG NFT on

Maiar, Elrond Web Wallet, Ledger

No. Once we mint the 10.000 OGs, no more can ever be minted.

Yes. You can view them here

You can only buy 1 Subcarpati OG NFT per transaction and your wallet can hold a total of 5 Subcarpati OGs NFTs in the first hour. After that we will switch to 20. We think this will ensure a better distribution among our OGs.

All OGs are unique, however some traits are rarer than others. We will post a rarity chart after the mint is over.

We want to reward our most loyal holders by airdropping 3 NFTs on 3 different dates. All Subcarpati OGs that have never been listed on a marketplace will be eligible.

20% – Marketing & Promotions

30% – Battle Mode

50% – Subcarpati band. 

We are eager to share more with you, but we have to wait for the right time. We are aware of all the trends around us: metaverses, tokens, DAOs and we will watch them closely.
Join our Twitter & our Discord to stay up to date.

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