OG Family

David OG
David Popovici is a Romanian competitive swimmer who specialises in freestyle.
David broke the 100 m freestyle junior world record twice at the 2021 European Junior Swimming Championships in Rome, Italy. The performance made him the fastest man in the world for 2021.
Ana Maria OG
Ana Maria Brânză is a Romanian left-handed épée fencer.
Ana is a four-time team European champion, 2013 individual European champion, and two-time team world champion.
A five-time Olympian, Ana is a two-time individual Olympic silver medalist and 2016 team Olympic champion.
Jurjak OG
One of the most multidisciplinary artists we are honoured to know - * and if you don't know what we mean, we invite you to visit his Instagram page * -, Mr. Jurjak, told us that he can't wait to see what more we are about to do with all this traditional x digital and cultural mix. Welcome, Bro Jurjak!
Herodot OG
In addition to being a DJ, Herodot is a Sound Engineer, Label Owner, Promoter and Club Guesthouse’s representative. People like this are people that are moving their scenes, people that go out there and make stuff happen, not because they have to, but because that is who they are and this force is innately in them.
Creative Monkeyz OGs
Codin and Ramo (internationally recognized thanks to the two animated RObotzi and for the hundreds of thematic shows and training courses they have launched digitally) our Creative Monkeyz friends have been mixing art with innovation and education for over 10 years.
Bobonete OG
Mihai Bogdan Bobonete is a Romanian film and stand-up comedy actor ,screenwriter and TV presenter. He was born on June 14, 1980 in Craiova, Romania.
Charlie OG
Travel, presenter, producer and author of Cautionary Verses and BBC poet turned filmmaker & conservationist. Known for Salbaticia Carpatilor, Flavours of Romania and Flavours of Colombia.
Guerrilla OG
Radio Guerrilla is a Romanian FM radio station broadcasting from Bucharest, Romania. The station's target audience is young middle-class people between the ages of 25 and 34. Despite launching only in 2004, it is currently one of the most popular stations in Romania, with a market share of 8.7%.
Bean OG
Marius Andrei Alexe, known as Bean MC or Taica Bean, is the founder of the Subcarpați music band, fusing hip-hop and electronic music with Romanian folklore. Bean MC is also the inspiration, central figure, and leader of Culese din Cartier squad and the Subcarpati Cultural Center.
Afo OG
AFO (aka Emil Teleagă) is one of the most famous representatives of the hip-hop movement in Romania, one of the producers of the group Culese din Cartier, among the few and most prolific organizers of freestyle / battle events and, last but not least, producer and MC of the band CCSE.
Illustrescu OG
Characterised by vector illustration mixed in with bold colour palettes and lots of details, Illusrescu is a self taught artist and he really believe that if you want to do what you like, you really just need the wish to do it.
Eurosadboy OG
Eurosadboy is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bucharest, with over 15 years of experience as a musical producer and performer. His style is amorphous, a constant exploration of themes and ideas that materialize into SF pieces from the near future, sometimes assorted with Eastern European nostalgia.
Exarhu OG
A radio and TV presenter, journalist, chef and author of "Happiness is a Safety Needle", Exarhu became famous with the shows "Rondul de dimineață" and "Rondul de noapte" and is currently hostin the Morning Glory show on Rock FM and was also a member of the jury for the MasterChef show on Pro TV.
Freaka OG
FreakaDaDisk is a DJ and a member of hip-hop group Paraziții. He is also a producer and together with Cheloo and Ombladon he set up 20 CM Records. Besides his work with Paraziții, he has also appeared on all solo albums by Cheloo and Ombladon.
Adrian OG
Munteanu Adrian, 25 years old, from Orsova - Mehedinti, where he started rowing in the National Junior Team. He has been part of the U23 Youth Team and Senior Team, where he achieved numerous performances like 🥇 European Championship, 🥈 World Championship and 7th place at the Tokyo Olympics.
Ioana OG
Ioana Milculescu este din Corabia și a absolvit Facultatea de Limbi Străine. Este una dintre vocile recognoscibile la concertele Subcarpați, formație cu care colaborează din 2019. I mare de la IOANA!